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Enhance Your Divorce Case Outcomes

why fea?


    FEA gives you everything you need to achieve superior results in divorce cases with higher valued marital estates.

  • 01. Focus on What You Do Best

    01. Focus on What You Do Best

    Your law firm is skilled at the practice of law, and making strong legal arguments, being great advocates, and winning divorce cases. Your attorneys can't do their best work if they're splitting their time and energies also doing work they're not good at. Leave it to us. We will provide accurate and compelling financial analysis, data synthesis and interpretation, and forensics. Our talented team will give you high-quality results that will take your divorce cases to a superior level.
  • 02. Prevent Errors & Harm to Your Case

    02. Prevent Errors & Harm to Your Case

    Most divorce attorneys are not trained to analyze financial data at a granular level. But doing so gives you an edge, especially in high net-worth divorce cases. If you try to analyze financial data without the skill to do so, you risk making errors. When you aren't skilled to detect anomalies or deceptive data among the affidavits, tax returns, pay statements and others documents, you miss important information you can use to protect your client. Our team does all of this and more, easily and accurately.
  • 03. Stand Out & Above the Competition

    03. Stand Out & Above the Competition

    Like any business, law firms succeed when they make winning business decisions. Most divorce law firms are playing a mediocre game and don't know what they are missing. Information is power and the more you have in your toolbox, the more you have an advantage over your adversaries. When you start to provide superior results you you'll increase your firm's reputation, stand out from the rest, and drive-up profits.



Our multi-disciplinary approach to divorce financial analysis gives divorce law firms, like yours, comprehensive, actionable information, insights, and advice about your cases’ marital estates that you can leverage for optimal settlements and judgments. 

Information Analysis

The parties' tax returns, financial affidavits, bank statements, and other important information will be analyzed and turned into data points and advice to use in your case.

Critical Data Detection

Sometimes documents reveal surprising information, such as money and property not previously disclosed as income and assets. We will alert you to these hot spots and any red flags.

Consulting &Advising

On a project basis or on-going basis, we will support you, advise, you, and assist with your case, providing data that touches all aspects of a divorce, such as real estate, retirement, investments, income, and more!

Evidence Planning

We have divorce financial experts and legal experts who can help you plan your case and procure the right information.

Resource Liaisoning

We have connections with attorneys, accountants, appraisers, computer forensics, and more, to make sure you have the right people in your corner when you need them. They may also serve as your expert witness.


We compile all of our data, analysis, and insights into one or more reports. For every case, we produce a report of actionable information that is comprehensive and thorough and serves as a valuable reference for you to use throughout your case.


Analysis Revealed Spouse's Higher Income

A husband lacked knowledge about his wife’s finances. Investigating the marital estate quickly revealed her multiple businesses, confirmed numerous bank accounts, and that she had significantly higher earnings than she represented during the discovery process. Armed with this compelling evidence the husband’s attorney was able to negotiate an equitable settlement.

Wife Awarded Property

A wife’s husband withheld information during the discovery process. However, our intelligent research and analysis brought to light the several homes and substantial funds he attempted to hide. Because the wife’s attorney was armed with this powerful evidence the wife now owns assets and has more financial security.

Wife's Wealth Well-Protected

A husband made an alimony request and marital award. However, our work found that his requests were without merit as we found larger amounts of money than he claimed. The attorney successfully protected the wife’s client’s wealth from being transferred to the husband.


Systemized & Customized

Our systemized and customized process has been tested and verified. FEA’s approach to financial analysis of divorce cases was beta tested with divorce law firms whose traits mirror its customer base, so we know it works. Our team’s skills are the perfect formula. Since every client’s case is different,  we ensure that we map out our work on the front end and keep you engaged throughout the engagement.  

The Steps

about us

FEA is comprised of a team of professionals who collectively fill information gaps for divorce attorneys’ cases involving complex or high-value marital estates. 

FEA is headed by CEO, Pawnee A. Davis, whose career includes 27 years of combined professional experience providing legal, analytic, and reporting services in the private and public sectors. Ms. Davis is a practicing attorney and the principal of a DC – area family law firm that represents divorce and other family law clients. Prior to founding the law firm she served 10 years at a leading professional services organization, the U.S. Government Accountability Office. As she progressed to the mid-management level, she conducted in-depth analyses, under Congressional mandates and requests, as an auditor/investigator/program evaluator. This work involved billion-dollar budgets and programs 

The idea to start FEA was born after finding the audit-investigative-evaluative experience in the federal government useful for producing rich insights and better financial results, which brought the firm’s multi-asset divorce cases to the next level. 

We are pleased to offer you our multidisciplinary approach to divorce law firms nation-wide (except for Maryland and D.C.). Every divorce law firm like yours deserves to have this resource at its fingertips.